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Easy download, easy upload. Perfect 👍👍👍
Gary P. - avatar Gary P.

It's solved what I wanted to do. It was a quick and effective solution, since the material included is sufficient to understand everything and do it yourself.
In my case, the programming knowledge is very scarce and it has helped me to configure everything. It works 100%.

Сунер , всё работает
Aivars Piziks - avatar Aivars Piziks

Все работает на 100%
Aivars Piziks - avatar Aivars Piziks

Funktioniert super. Sehr guter Support
Anonymous - avatar Anonymous

2011 A6. Brilliant find. Wanted to review to tell others once I "unlocked" the green menus it took a while to get the menus to come up when pressing the buttons together. Kept looking like it hadn't worked. So have patience.
david rendle - avatar david rendle


Better instructions are needed, very vague but got it to work. Thank you!
Harol L. - avatar Harol L.

Everything is fine . Everything worked properly . Very happy with it
Teodor Ilchev - avatar Teodor Ilchev

I received personalized and attentive service from Adam. He want beyond his call of duty to help me with the upgrade and worked out perfectly. I’m very happy and you can count on a new client for years to come.
Daniel Fernandes - avatar Daniel Fernandes
ElsaWin 6.0
ElsaWin 6.0 May 4, 2020

Quick response to questions and quick installation, but not all models/vehicles are covered (cvi like crafter and several Audi missing)
Maarten - avatar Maarten