03276 – Please Check Software Version Management – How to remove?

03276 – Please Check Software Version Management

This error appear after firmware update – it’s nothing major, but if you are here you will probably want to get rid of it.

There can be also another one:

You will need VCDS to do that and generate SVM code.

Let’s go to the VCDS:

Open VCDS and Choose “Select Control Module”:

Select Module 5F:

Click on “Adaptation – 10”

Enter 15 for the channel and press the “Read” button. 

Enter the number above the heading “Count” into the Calculator below and press Calculate:

Now enter the value you just created into the New Value area and click Test/Save: 
Note that only Save may be available in which case you would ignore the test instruction. 

Exit Adaptations and return to the main screen (Click “Done, Go Back”).

Click “Faults Codes – 02”:

If you see any Faults click “Clear Codes – 05” then “Done, Go Back”

Now check Fault codes one more time and the SVM error should be gone. If not repeat the steps again.

In the event you go to Channel 15 and there is no Count value, clear your errors and then go back recheck. Sometimes the count will not be present until the error is cleared. Of course the error will return until you complete all the above steps again. 


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3 years ago

For me on my RMC it was channel 8 that had the count. Other than that everything worked out well. Thank you!

3 years ago

According to the instructions I failed, I have an error message 01043 – incorrect soft version

Raitis Dzerkalis
Raitis Dzerkalis
3 years ago

Thanks a lot Adam.
Everything worked like it is in video.
Your services are just perfect.

4 years ago

:Hi. Did the update tonight and everything is fine except the 03276 code. Tried several times, but new code will not enter count window. It seems normal when testing and coding, but fault code still there and when I go back to coding, it’s the old value 32226. Any tip?