Audi Mib STD2 Apple CarPlay / Android Auto activation script – MST2 – installation manual

This is installation manual for Apple CarPlay / Android Auto activation script which you can get from here (click).

Supported car firmwares

go to Software Update/Versions, find SW Train and confirm that it starts with MST2 and ends with D. For example: MST2_EU_VW_P0891D

  • MST2_xx_xx_x02xxD
  • MST2_xx_xx_x06xxD
  • MST2_xx_xx_x08xxD
  • MST2_xx_xx_x9xxxD

This script works at all areas, for Audi,VW, Lambo, Bentley, Skoda – whole VW group with MST2 units.


  • MST2 delphi unit

SD CARD preparation

  1. Format an SD card with FAT32 file system,
  2. Make sure to set the Allocation unit size to the smallest option available (example 4096B),
  3. Extract downloaded activator package,
  4. Copy content of the activator package to the SD card.
    File list which you should see directly on SD:
    – common
    – metainfo2.txt


  1. Turn the ignition on,
  2. Empty SD card ports in the main unit,
  3. Place the SD card in the SD1 port,
  4. Press and hold MENU button for 3 seconds to enter the Service Mode,
  5. Select Software update/versions,
  6. Select Update → SD card → MST2 Activator → Start → Next,
  7. Wait. During the activation will reboot 2 times,
  8. When the process is done you will see summary screen. Press Back in the upper-right corner,
  9. When you see Version back documentation screen, press Cancel,
  10. Wait for the final reboot of the unit.
  11. Review changes. TEAM

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