Audi Mib2 Apple CarPlay / Android Auto activation & lifetime map license

This manual will help you to activate Apple CarPlay / Android Auto with Mib2 units.

Supported units with firmware starting from:

  • MHI2
  • MHI2Q

Do not supported:

If you don’t know how to check, please visit this page (click)

Supported areas:

  • Europe
  • RoW
  • USA
  • Japan
  • China
  • Taiwan

Hardware requirements

Car must have two USB ports in glovebox / armrest compartment. If your car doesn’t have you must equip otherwise CarPlay / Android Auto will not working!

You can skip this, if you have two USB ports.

  • Remove the rear vents – no philosophy. We pry it from the side and it pops up
  • Remove the glove box: we disassemble the side of the console, a few screws + disconnect the cube
  • Remove the cover under the steering wheel, disassemble the left side of the console, four screws and it’s ready
  • Remove the cover at the post
  • Then the bonnet opening handle:
  • To finally remove the sill cover

We run the cables as in the attached instructions. Two with dice for the multimedia unit, single for the left side. The red one is plugged into the fuse box in the side of the console, the brown one is best caught at the ground point under the carpet under the removed sill cover, pink optional as we want to have a backlight for the electric module, T54c cube (smallest) pin 1 (pins are numbered in cubes).

Firmware update

It’s important to make a firmware update, newest firmwares means more stable Apple CarPlay / Android Auto!

Here is the list of the supported firmwares. Make sure you choose correct! Again, if you don’t know what’s your current firmware, please check this manual (click).

Supported firmware versions

Only those firmware are supported by script. If you don’t have that firmware, you need to update first.

  • MHI2Q_CN_AUG22_K1004_MU1003
  • MHI2Q_CN_AUG22_P0915_MU0915
  • MHI2Q_CN_AUG22_P1002_MU1002
  • MHI2Q_ER_AUG22_P3638_MU0916
  • MHI2Q_ER_AUG22_P3638_MU0917
  • MHI2Q_ER_AUG22_P4170_MU1117
  • MHI2Q_ER_AUG22_P4212_MU1177
  • MHI2Q_ER_AUG22_P5092_MU1329
  • MHI2Q_ER_AUG22_P5152_MU1329
  • MHI2Q_JP_AUG22_P1017_MU1017
  • MHI2Q_KR_AUG22_P1018_MU1018
  • MHI2Q_US_AUG22_P4171_MU1118
  • MHI2Q_US_AUG22_P4213_MU1178
  • MHI2Q_US_AUG22_P4246_MU1320
  • MHI2Q_US_AUG22_P5087_MU1316
  • MHI2_CN_AU276_P1214_MU1214
  • MHI2_CN_AU276_P1215_MU1215
  • MHI2_CN_AU57x_K1006_MU1005
  • MHI2_CN_AU57x_P0623_MU0623
  • MHI2_CN_AU57x_S0037_1_MU0037
  • MHI2_CN_AUG22_K0730_MU0729
  • MHI2_CN_AUG22_P0618_MU0618
  • MHI2_CN_AUG22_S0038_MU0038
  • MHI2_CN_AUG22_S0039_MU0039
  • MHI2_ER_AU276_P5088_MU1325
  • MHI2_ER_AU276_P5502_MU1460
  • MHI2_ER_AU276_P5506_MU1466
  • MHI2_ER_AU276_P5509_MU1474
  • MHI2_ER_AU276_P5510_MU1477
  • MHI2_ER_AU276_P5515_MU1488
  • MHI2_ER_AU37x_P3620_MU0875
  • MHI2_ER_AU37x_P4159_MU1106
  • MHI2_ER_AU37x_P4203_MU1168
  • MHI2_ER_AU37x_P5089_MU1326
  • MHI2_ER_AU37x_P5153_MU1326
  • MHI2_ER_AU43x_P5098_MU1339
  • MHI2_ER_AU43x_P5151_MU1339
  • MHI2_ER_AU43x_P5404_MU1479
  • MHI2_ER_AU43x_P5406_MU1489
  • MHI2_ER_AU57x_K2589_MU1429
  • MHI2_ER_AU57x_K3663_MU1425
  • MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3236_MU0670
  • MHI2_ER_AU57x_P3634_MU0910
  • MHI2_ER_AU57x_S2519_MU0389
  • MHI2_ER_AU62x_P5099_MU1340
  • MHI2_ER_AUG22_K2161_MU1421
  • MHI2_ER_AUG22_K3344_MU1438
  • MHI2_ER_AUG22_K3346_MU1438
  • MHI2_ER_AUG22_P3241_MU0678
  • MHI2_ER_AUG22_S2148_MU0442
  • MHI2_JP_AU43x_P0902_MU0902
  • MHI2_JP_AU62x_P0701_MU0616
  • MHI2_JP_AUG22_P0713_MU0713
  • MHI2_KR_AU37x_P0901_MU0818
  • MHI2_KR_AU57x_P0901_MU0615
  • MHI2_KR_AU57x_S0035_MU0035
  • MHI2_KR_AUG24_S0008_MU0008
  • MHI2_TW_AU37x_P0901_MU0816
  • MHI2_US_AU276_P5083_MU1312
  • MHI2_US_AU37x_K5512_1_MU1484
  • MHI2_US_AU37x_P5107_MU1363
  • MHI2_US_AU43x_K1083_MU1412
  • MHI2_US_AU43x_P5124_MU1389
  • MHI2_US_AU43x_P5180_MU1462
  • MHI2_US_AU57x_K3324_1_MU0925
  • MHI2_US_AU57x_K3341_MU1426
  • MHI2_US_AU62x_K2588_MU1407
  • MHI2_US_AU62x_P5125_MU1390
  • MHI2_US_AU62x_P5181_MU1463
  • MHI2_US_AUG22_K3345_MU1439
  • MHI2_US_AUG22_K3347_MU1439

Europe / Australia & New Zealand / Middle East / RoW / Singapore / South Africa

USA / Canada

firmware update it’s quite easy and looks very similar to MMI 3G, there’s a manual how to update firmware (on schemes looks on to Mib schemes).

Prepare SD with script

First of all you need to get script, you can download it from here (click).

After downloading please unpack

Now prepare SD CARD.

I do recommend to use at least 8GB SD (script require smaller, but not every MMI want to read it).
Make sure you have formatted SD CARD as FAT32!!

Now go to the unpacked folder and you will see list like here:

Select all files and copy directly on to SD CARD. Make sure when you enter your SD you will see all above files directly on to SD – they cannot be in any parent folder.

and can jump to the car 🙂

How to install script

When you enter to your car, start your car and wait 5 to 10 minutes to all systems go up.

Insert SD in to Slot1 – script should start automatically within 60 seconds.

Unit will reboot into FW update (SWDL) mode.
The unit might briefly display a message on screen notifying you that the system is not (yet) ready for installation or is preparing installation.
This is normal, just wait for the reboot.
⚠️ Do NOT remove SD card

Screen will go black and you will see the boot screen, as well as some update relates screens for a while.
Overall process will take about 5-10 minutes.
Basic unit backup will already be created during installation of M.I.B.

After installation is finished you will see a summary of the installed packages, all completed will be marked Y(es) (only Launcher in case of M.I.B install).

  1. Go back on that screen/exit the screen.
  2. The next Screen will present something like this: “Start diagnostic tester: Main unit/version…”.
  3. Press CANCEL

You might notice a Software Version Management Error (SVM) in 5F via OBD after M.I.B is installed. Remove it by running “SVM fix” function in this script.

How to enter to the new hidden menu

After M.I.B installation is finished and the unit has booted up you have to enter GEM.

Please note: GEM needs a moment after cold boot of unit to be accessible – up to 5 minutes are normal

Use the GEM key combinations valid for your unit to enter GEM.

In next screen enter “mib” and first create a backup! Enter the backup tab and follow the instructions.

Then IFS-root patch -> Flash patched image – the unit should reboot after completion, so we enter the green menu again – select M.I.B. and then Patch IFS-Root-AIO . Reboot the unit and the Android auto / Apple CarPlay should rock. The SD card can be removed.

Map update

The above unit patch drops the appropriate FEC code that will add lifetime map license in to your unit.

We do have map update for:

  • Europe here
  • ROW ( Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Chile, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lesotho, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Reunion, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Swaziland, Thailand, Turkey*, United Arab Emirates, *partially) here

How to install map update manual available here (click)

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto works only by wired, so you need to connect your phone on to the USB port (that’s why you need 2 USB, as it will work only on one of them!)

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Audi maniac, owner of and big fan of Audi cars. Maps, firmware, car audio installer
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Rokas Anisas
Rokas Anisas
11 months ago

Worked great on Audi Q7 2017 (MHI2Q_ER_AUG22_P3638). Although the install script did not autostart as mentioned, I started it through the REM, and the rest went smooth like butter. The labels of some steps in the instructions are a bit different, but weren’t too far off to be confusing.

1 year ago

I bought this. Audi A6 , MHI2_KR_AU57x_S0035_MU0035

I saw the Tutorials, decompressed, formatted, copied, and plugged the SD card into the SD1 slot, but the A6 does not recognize the SD card and does not run the script automatically.
What’s the problem?

Randall Else
Randall Else
1 year ago

We purchased a used 2017 A3 e-tron that had the audi smartphone interface deleted. Earlier this summer, I used to upgrade the firmware on the MMI, which went off without a hitch. When I was notified that had software to activate CarPlay, I investigated and purchased immediately. The GEM component installed with no problem. For some reason I had to run the IFS-root-patch twice. After the first attempt, the smartphone interface appeared on the MMI but I wasn’t able to connect a phone to CarPlay. Checking a little more, I found that the USB option for media was grayed out. The second attempt took care of the USB issue and CarPlay fired right up. I’m not sure what happened on the first attempt, the messages on the MMI all looked successful. – thanks for providing this, the dealers in my area didn’t seem interested in helping with the activation.