How to update Audi Mib2 maps – manual

First of all you need to get map files for Mib2 unit.

We do have map update for Mib2 for areas:

  • Europe – link
  • Row ( Argentina*, Australia, Bahrain, Botswana*, Brazil*, Brunei*, Chile*, Indonesia*, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lesotho*, Malaysia, Mexico*, Mozambique*, Namibia*, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines*, Qatar, Reunion*, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Swaziland*, Thailand*, Turkey*, United Arab Emirates. * partially) – link

How to deal with files?

When you download all files you will see that there’s quite a lot of parts (depends on area might be up to 30 7zip files).

Make sure you have all files in same place (for example Mid2 map folder).
To unpack files you will need 7zip application – you can download it from for free.

When you have already installed 7zip, go to the map files. Click on first file (with ending: 7z.001) with right mouse click and select Extract to “filename…”

This might take some time to unpack the files.

then you can start preparing SD CARD.

How to prepare SD CARD for Mib2 map update.

Map update takes quite a lot of space, you will need to use 64GB SD CARD, the smaller might not fit all files.

There’s a video manual how to format 64GB SD to FAT32.

Application used in this video: link (click to download)

For macOS users please take a look here (click)

When you have formatted your SD CARD to FAT32 now you need to copy files on to SD.

To do that, go inside newly unpacked files – you should see new folder with files inside:

all you need to do now select all those files (Mib1, Mib2 metainfo2) and copy directly on to SD CARD.


This process might take up to 1h – depends on how fast is your SD CARD. After moving files, you can jump to the car 🙂 (do not forget to take your SD with maps).

Audi MMI Mib2 map update

Now, start your car and wait 5 to 10 minutes, all car systems and Audi MMI must be up and ready to use.

Insert your SD CARD with map updates in to SD1 slot.

After that go to the Settings

push control to the left to see this screen:

then go to the System maintenance

then System update

Select SD card 1

and wait until it shows any information. If you have correctly prepared your SD it will show you information about available update like on the photo bellow

If it cannot find update this means your SD CARD it’s not prepared or i’ts too slow. Then need to change SD and prepare again.

Then you can press Start update

now it might take up to 1-2hours to update the navigation system in your Audi Mib2.

You can drive your car, just do not turn it off.

When the update process complete you will see this information

just click OK and it’s done 🙂

If map update doesn’t work

Make sure you have prepared SD correctly, all files are directly on SD (1,2, metainfo.txt)

Sometimes also need select map files manually. To do you need enter Green Engineering Menu (GEM)

and go to SWDL and tick User_Defined

after that back to the Red Engineering Menu (REM) and start update again, when you will see User Defined option just go in and go to navdb and chose Select All, which automatically select speechsds, truffle, eggnog. After that continue the update.

Map activation / Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

If your car doesn’t have FEC code which activates your car maps you can use this script (link) and those instructions (click) to activate your maps and also in additional can add Apple CarPlay / Android Auto.

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