Bluetooth music streaming – installation manual for MMI 2G High.

This is online installation manual for our product, which can be bought here (click). It is only for MMI 2G High, if you are looking for module for MMI 3G Basic / High please check here.

How to install?

First of all you need to locate your CD CHANGER. It usually hidden in glovebox.


you might need VW radio removal tools to pull off CD CHANGER.

you need to insert them on two sides in cd changer:

and pull it off.

Now disconnect CD CHANGER, you’ll have there 2 connectors – fibre optic & power cable.

and now need to connect all cables together.

after that put all back in to glvoe box, and you’are ready to use it.

Bluetooth connection details are on the sticker on that black box so make sure you have made a photo or copy them.

Bluetooth / AUX will be visible under CD CHANGER in MMI. (Source > CD Changer and scroll down).

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