Enabling audi mmi hidden green menu – script & VCDS

VCDS method:

Go to block 5f  > Adaption > Jump to channel 6 and add new value 1 then click TEST and after SAVE.

SD CARD Script method

First of all you have to download script from here!

Copy the contents from the Green Menu Activation.zip to an empty SD card smaller than 32GB in size, formatted in FAT32 file system. In the root folder of the SD card you should see the following files and directories:

Insert in the MMI SD slot 1, shortly after that you will see the following picture.

Press the big rotary knob and the next screen will appear.

Now restart the unit and follow the rest of the guide.

How to restart MMI
Reboot MMI – keys combinations

How to open Hidden green menu?

Audi A8 – Green menu access – Credits: Thomas S.

In Audi A8 it’s a bif different MMI reboot: big button, upper right silver and tone

Audi A8 reboot MMI buttons
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Richard Jones

Hi, I’ve extracted the files as described on a 16gb fat32 sd card put it in mmi sd1 but nothing happens.


Hi, using the VCDS method in my Audi A6 2016 (facelift) model, I still cannot get hold of the green menu. On some forums it is mentioned that the Green Menu is not accessible at all on facelifted C7 models but some say its possible. I myself am confused. Can you confirm if this method works for facelift models?

Michael George

Script installed and start/completed screens displayed, and MMI restarted, but still no green menu with car+menu. I have MMI 3G+ HN+R_EU_AU_P0532


Everything works great. Thanks mate. πŸ‘

Vishal Kumar

Hi, I placed this Memory card in my Audi RSQ3 2016 Model and the card does not do anything.
What settings are you using to extract the files using 7ZiP


hi, audi a1, 2013, mmi 3gp. extracted files, however the reset sequence doesn’t reset and as such green screen option does not come up. its needed as i have a BOSE system. cheers


Will this Script work on my 2014 AUDI Q7 TDI in canada? HN+_US_AU3G_P0726 MU Software:0756?

David Carden

Hi, Just applied the Hidden Green Menu on a A6 C6 with 3G Basic MMI Worked flawlessly πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
UK RHD Restart MMI = Setup + Centre Dial + Top right button from Centre Dial at same time.

muhammed omar

Hi… I followed the instructions for SD card installation.. but I can’t access the hidden menu.. the screen just flashes when I press the two buttons.

Nico Taylor

Hi, I have applied the script but cannot access green menu – 2009 Q5 with MMI 3G High

Daniel Kaplan

Hey- I paid the 10$ and it doesn’t work. 2011 Q5 USA- recognizes as a SD card and that is about it. Nothing happens. Tried both slots.

Steven Shearer

A6 2014 C7 HN+R_US_AU_P0726, had to fiddle with the controls a bit, but eventually got everything working

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