Audi JukeBox – How to copy music from CD/DVD on to local hard drive (HDD) – MMI 3G Plus

Audi JukeBox is an appreciated solution, which will be especially valued by people who like listening to the music of their choice in the car, rather than the public radio stations. How does the Audi JukeBox work?

Short video how to enable this function:

What files can be copied onto the Audi JukeBox?

This is a standard created by Audi that frees the driver from having to store music CDs in the car. Many different types of files can be copied onto the Audi JukeBox, for example files from CDs/DVDs or even from an SD card. 

How to access the Audi JukeBox?

To activate the service, you need to press the MEDIA button, then go into the settings and then, in the drop-down menu, select the JukeBox fill/remove option. The user has 10 GB of space at his disposal, which should be enough to put hundreds of favorite tracks in the vehicle’s memory.

Now you need to select the file path of the new files you want to transfer to the JukeBox service. After selecting the data, click on the “copy” button. You can observe the progress of the file duplication on the screen, or choose to copy the data in the background, so that other data will be presented on the display.

Once the data transfer to the Audi JukeBox is complete, all stored songs will appear on the MMI display. The Audi technology allows not only the copying of audio files (.wav, mp3), but also popular formats reserved for video. No other files (including executable formats such as .exe, .bat) can be transferred to the JukeBox.

It is worth remembering that in many countries, due to legal restrictions, it is not allowed to copy CDs or DVDs to JukeBox. You should search for information in advance if such actions are legal. If not, the driver should refrain from doing so.

Can I delete from JukeBox the files previously uploaded there?

Yes, this is possible. To do this, you have to enter the settings of your vehicle again. You may either clear the entire memory of the Audi JukeBox or select specific files that you want to delete from the memory. Once they have been correctly selected, their highlight background will change.

If the driver will be selling his Audi car, he should clear all the Audi JukeBox memory beforehand. There may be some private data that should not get into other people’s hands. You should definitely keep this in mind.

Because of the data that JukeBox collects, it is often recommended that this data be additionally marked. To do so, you can use the ID3 file identification format. This is a simple, Audi-supported solution to help you keep your files organized.

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