How to read DPF info using Android phone.

Presented method working with probably all cars which have a DPF.

I have Audi A4 B8.5 Avant with 2.0 TDI engine, it obviously have a DPF which starts drive me crazy.. 

When i worked in other company which was about 40 miles one way i haven’t thinking too much about DPF.. also i have bought diesel car because was much more economical on fuel than petrol versions.. However im now doing lots of city driving and DPF starts to be a pain.. 

It always starts auto-regeneration process when i approach to my home.. so i have to back to road and let them finish that process otherwise DPF will not properly burned which can cause later problems with it.. 

Of course i can cut off DPF.. but im worry about MOT..  So i was start looking for some application which can show me some info about condition of my DPF and i found it! 

Everything what you need is ODB2 Bluetooth dongle , android phone, and VAG DPF application from google play.

It still not solve my problem but now i can recon when it will start regeneration and / or how long it takes at the moment.. So usually it takes around 20 minutes to be completed.

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