How to unpack files?

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  1. Windows & 7zip
  2. How to format 64GB to FAT32
  3. How to prepare SD on macOS.

Windows & 7zip

Here it’s an tutorial how to unpack and prepare SD cards on Windows & MacOS (on the bottom)

When you purchased files from us, you will see on download page something like that:


That mean, the main archive has been spited in many smaller files. You need to download all those files in one place on your computer.

When you download all files, you’ll see:



ProductName7z.002 etc

to unpack we recommend 7zip (click)

When you have multiple archive, unpack only file with ending .001!! you will not be able to unpack other 002,003,004 etc..

If you see error like Unexpected end of data – it’s means you do not have all files downloaded.


which obviously means, that you trying to unpack wrong file.. like wrote above, you need to unpack file with ending .001

But.. be careful!
If you planning to prepare SDCARDs for firmware or maps update, please use Windows based computer!

Yes I know it’s about the maps update, but same procedure, file structure etc it’s for EVERY update for MMI.

Because some people still reporting problems will try explain as easiest as i can how to unpack multi-archive files.

First of all you need to download & install on to your computer 7zip (click here to download 64bit windows version of 7zip).

Make sure this application is installed on your computer.

Download all files in to one folder

Screenshots based on firmware HN+R (for all other files the same procedure, just you can have more 7z.00x files).

Click with right mouse button on first file (with ending 7z.001)

go to the 7-Zip -> Extract to “”

and this will extract whole archive including automatically other files (7z.002 / 7z.003 / 7z.004), when unpacking process complete you’ll see new folder created (adequate to the name of the unpacked archive).

then go inside this newly created folder

and copy all the files on to SDCARD. Before this step, please make sure your SDCARD is formatted as FAT32.

if you’ll see any errors during unpacking for example unexpected end of data, then it mean you had to skip some files when downloading from website.. for maps update there’s quite a lot of files (mostly around 24 separated 7zip files) just make sure and count if there are all of them.

Need to use 64GB SD CARD?

Please watch this vide to get know how to format it as fat32 – you’ll also need this application (click)


We do not recommend to use macOS to preparing SDCARD because of one reason – macOS is creating some hidden files on SDCARDs (which you cant see but MMI do.. and because of that MMI might not update firmware or maps)

however some customers reported back to us that they have prepared SDCARDs on macOS and they have used app called Clean My Drive2 to clean sdcard from hidden files just before unmounting from the mac.

Link to download from Mac AppStore: CleanMyDrive 2. and link for The Unarchiver

On the archives where you have multiple parts like 7z.001 , 002, 003, 004 – unpack only first one (001) all other will join automatically!!!

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