MH2p – How to update firmware?

What you need?

First of ALL you need to have firmware files, you can bought them from us. Please use our searching tool (click) or contact with us.

You will also need application to unpack files.

Files preparation

When you have downloaded firmware files, now you need to unpack them. Please use 7zip application, right mouse click on first file (with ending 001) and extract. After unpacking, you will see new folder with firmware, enter that folder and you will see something like here:

all those files you need to copy on to USB drive. After that you can go to the car


Turn on ignition, wait couple of minutes to all systems loads up, then push and hold with two fingers the top right corner of the mmi screen for 3 seconds now booth screens will turn off for about 1 minute so do not worry

Now you are in red menu. Choose update

and then USB and follow instructions on MMI screen. MMI will reboot few times so do not panic 🙂 make sure your car battery is fully charged or connect external charger. TEAM

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