MMI 2G High – Apple CarPlay installation instructions

Installation manual for Apple CarPlay / Android auto module (click)

DISCLAIMER – This installation guide is designed to give an overview of the installation process only. Please take your car to a qualified automotive installer if you are unsure of your ability to perform the steps detailed within. Our liability only extends to the product itself, not any installation related problems that may occur. Always ensure that your ignition/power is switched OFF throughout the installation process to avoid any warning lights showing if switches/components are disconnected with ignition powered on.


Please ensure you use a large cloth or similar to protect dash trim during removal, carefully handle any components removed. Please ensure ignition and all electrical components are switched OFF at all times.

Your vehicle MUST be equipped with AMI or a selectable AUX connection to hear audio from CarPlay.

Overview of steps

  1. Remove glove box – Identify MMI Display Controller.
  2. Make MMI control connection – verify all connections as per diagrams.
  3. Make manual power connections.
  4. Make Audio connection.
  5. Place Car Play box above glove box – refit trim

Remove Glovebox (required to mount box and connect power – glovebox removal steps may vary by model, below is an indicative guide only) –

Glovebox is retained by 8 screws
Firstly, use release keys to remove CD changer (if fitted).

Remove three torx screws holding top of glovebox.

Remove two screws on side

Remove screws on bottom

Remove inner screws

Remove airbag and courtesy light connector (do not remove airbag connector with car battery connected!)

Once glovebox removed, identify mmi display unit, highlighted with arrow

PLEASE NOTE – D3 A8 / A6 C6 / A4 B8 has no gateway power lead– comes with bare power wiring loom pictures.

Manual connections that need to be made

  • ACC (ignition switched 12v)
  • 12v (constant 12v)
  • GND (body ground)
  • MMI Control connection

For a clean installation, we recommend using a standard fuse pass-through tail, this will allow you to tap into the suitable fuse locations in the fusebox next to the glovebox for constant 12v and ACC power sources. GND can be grounded to a suitable grounding point.

For more detail on fuse locations, please consult your vehicle handbook.

Overall wiring diagram

Make the MMI control connection

Identify the MMI Display module above the glovebox

Unplug connector B (Power) first, then disconnect display connector (A)

Take connector B and carefully slide off outer casing to expose inner wires

The blue/white loose wire labelled ‘MMI’ from the CarPlay power wiring must be joined to the PIN 16 wire quadlock – This is to enable the cars MMI controls to function in CarPlay mode. See below

Routing microphone cable

Unravel the cable from supplied microphone and run from behind multimedia unit, across kick panel space and hide behind the rubber trim on the A pillar as show – using a credit card or trim tool can be useful to carefully push the wiring into the channels to hide it.

Once you have routed mic wiring to top centre of windscreen – carefully use the trim tool to lever down the centre light surround (whole plastic part) this is held in place with trim clips, and 1 x torx screw underneath sunglass holder (if fitted) once removed and lowered feed the microphone into the aperture, remove the microphone foam and stand and place the CarPlay mic in empty hole shown (recommended to double wrap the sides with double sided tape or similar to secure)

Refit the centre light fitting and pop back into place.

Final Steps

Site CarPlay box behind glovebox aperture.

Refit glovebox and trim, ensuring everything is refitted, that all connections are secure and no wires are trapped.



Plug the included 3.5mm-3.5mm cable from ‘AUDIO OUT’ 3.5mm connector on CarPlay power loom to the cars AUX port.


To hear sound from the CarPlay unit, please plug the included AMI-3.5mm cable into the input on your AMI box – the 3.5mm end plugs into ‘AUDIO OUT’ 3.5mm connector on CarPlay power loom. Cable can be routed into glovebox through top hole with glovebox removed (feed 3.5mm end through)

After cable is plugged in, on original car radio, please press media button then source button in top right corner, you will see a new option of ‘AUX – External Audio Player’ input – please select this then ‘External audio source is active’ will appear onscreen and you will hear sound.

Controls overview

  1. Volume keys – press to mute
  2. Menu – button press briefly to go to CarPlay menu
  3. Back – press to go back
  4. Selection knob – works as factory control, rotate to select menu items
  5. Press to confirm
  6. Nav – Press and hold for 3 seconds to enter CarPlay mode
  7. Media – use to switch audio to AUX mode to hear sound from CarPlay kit
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1 year ago

Can you tell me where to connect

  • ACC (ignition switched 12v)
  • 12v (constant 12v)

and where can i find the correct power sources?

I have Audi A4 2008 B8 (Europe version)

2 years ago

It looks very promising, which I have been searching for long time for my A4/2008/MMI2G-High.


  • I only have AMI not specific AUX audio 3.5 input, means it needs a adapter?
  • my AMI currently use for bluetooth audio, does this set have bluetooth function? otherwise, the BT will be missing.