MMI 3G Conversion from US to EU – How to do it?

We are receiving quite a lot enquires how to make a full conversion from US mmi 3g to EU.

To do a full conversion from US to EU it’s a bit complicated, and not everyone can do it on their own.

To make full conversion, we need to start with changing language in EEPROM.

A bit more informations about EEPROM, you can find here! (click here).

Basically US cars has information only about:

  • US english
  • Spanish – US version (a bit different than in Europe, only in firmware code).
EEPROM - Languages US version.
EEPROM – Languages US version.

where EU cars might have informations about all European languages except above

EEPROM - Languages EU version.
EEPROM – Languages EU version.

If you decide only reinstall firmware from Europe version on US version you will do that… but, you will don’t see any types of font / words on mmi screen, as it has coded only US languages, not Europeans.

So, to install EU firmware on US cars, EEPROM language section has to be modified.


There’s another way to install Europe maps on US cars without changing language in EEPROM – but you will stay with US english language.

You will need to install latest US firmware. Installation procedure we describe HERE, there’s nothing else to do. If you have bose system, you will need unselect it for update (described in tutorial).

Full conversion packs:

After successfully firmware upgrade, you will need to enable Hidden green menu (how to do it, described here).

In Green menu, you have to go to the: SWDL, and enable:

  • User defined mode.
  • Ignore region and variant.
Hidden green menu > SWDL section

After that we need to change the region. So in Hidden Green Menu go to the: System > Internal

MMI 3G Region change
Hidden Green Menu > MMI 3G Region change

and select there EU

Then go to the: Nav -> databaseupdate And Change your “Active HDD Nav DB” to the region/country of your choice in our case: EU.

MMI 3G Region change
Hidden Green Menu > MMI 3G Region change

List of regions:

  1. Unknown
  2. Default
  3. EU
  4. North America
  5. South America
  6. AGCC
  7. Korea
  8. Japan
  9. China
  10. Asia Pacific
  11. South Africa
  12. Australia (New Zealand)
  13. India
  14. Taiwan (ROC)
  15. AGCC_2 (arabic)
  16. Turkey
  17. Chile
  18. no navi db

After that, you can perform with maps update using our tutorial, click here to get there.

Full conversion packs:

Please remember to remove old nav database and nav partition (everything is described in tutorials).

There will be one more thing to do, change radio frequencies to work with EU. To do this you can use OBDeleven, just find and click option to modify radio frequencies.

I hope this tutorial will help you with US conversion. IF any questions just ask in comment 🙂

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I have in plan to do conversion HN+US_AU3G_P0566. What is not clear for me why packages for conversion contain again firmware US and not EU. So thats mean we will after modification of EEPROM and settings in green menu again install just US fw ? or it is possible also EU FW ?


i have a firmware version HN+R_US_AU_K0814 with nav database version 8R0060884BA
My question is which firmware version to buy and which maps?
The car is a6 2013 from USA, but now is in EU

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