MMI 3G How to change MMI splash screen

Hi everyone!

In this tutorial i will show you how to change the MMI splash screen. This method works with MMI 3G Basic / High / Plus

All what you need:

  • SD CARD at least 1GB
  • Our script
  • Graphic editors app to make your own splash screen

Graphic must have resolution 800x480px for MMI 3G High and Plus, 400x240px for MMI 3G Basic.

After downloading please unzip files and put them on root folder of your SD CARD

Root folder SDCARD

Your own splash screen must be in splashscreens folder on SD CARD.

This script will also made a backup of your current splash screens, you can find them after installation new one in backup folder on SD CARD.

Splash screens backup

I have also attached some examples of splashscreens to use with it, just need to copy and replace in splashscreens folder.

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Ashley Walker
Ashley Walker
3 years ago

This works great. There are a few steps that caught me up when applying the update, below is what I used on an Audi A1 3G+ system:

  1. SD card less than 32gb and formatted as FAT.
  2. Start the “acc” of the car not just have the MMI on.
  3. Wait for all functions (maps, radio, media etc.) to be operational and then insert the SD card (it worked in SD2 for me).
  4. Press the center button to run the script.
  5. Press it again at the next splash screen that comes up.
  6. Wait 60 seconds.
  7. Eject the SD card and remove from SD card slot.
  8. Press “Tone” + “Center” + upper right soft button.
  9. Your new splash should now be loaded!

And here is mine: