MMI 3G Plus Conversion from USA to Europe (Audi A6, A7, A8, Q3 only) – OBDEleven solution


We have found solution to make a full MMI conversion from USA to Europe by using OBDEleven.

This solution has been tested on MMI 3G Plus (HN+R) on Audi A6, A7, A8 and Q3 only, please do not try with other MMI!! You might brick your unit.



As a first step you need to install European software, because if you now change EEPROM via OBD11 you will lose all letters from interface and you might be unable to make a conversion 🙂 so please install firmware first, and after do the OBD11 tweak. How to install MMI 3G Plus firmware we have described here (click) so we will not copy it again here.

OBD11 tweak

Go to module 5F -> Security Access-> 21055 -> Change to Development mode -> EEPROM

Then start from: Address (Hex): 1430, Lenght(dec): 200

1430: 00 00 00 00 00 31 30 16 45 65 6E 5F 55 53 65 6E

1440: 5F 55 53 65 6E 5F 55 53 31 4A A4 CA 03 65 6E 5F

1450: 55 53 66 72 5F 43 41 65 73 5F 55 53 64 65 5F 44

1460: 45 65 6E 5F 47 42 66 72 5F 46 52 65 73 5F 45 53

1470: 69 74 5F 49 54 70 74 5F 50 54 6E 6C 5F 4E 4C 72

1480: 75 5F 52 55 70 6C 5F 50 4C 63 73 5F 43 5A 74 72

1490: 5F 54 52 73 76 5F 53 45 6C 74 5F 4C 54 00 00 00

You need to type in Address, dec, then click to R and change value click Save and do another line, so again type in Address and click Read, change values and save, you need change all of them separately. After you change everything, you need to reboot your MMI

Radio frequencies

Another thing you can change via OBD11 is radio frequencies. To do that, connect also with OBD11, then go to module 5F, then long coding, use search bar and type: Tuner, you should see something like this:

find there FM Tuner, click on it and change to EU RdW

then slide to code and do the same with AM tuner, and that’s ALL! 🙂

Map installation

Now you can head to map installation, but needs few changes in green menu before.

you will need to enable Hidden green menu (how to do it, described here).

In Green menu, you have to go to the: SWDL, and enable:

  • User defined mode.
  • Ignore region and variant.
Hidden green menu > SWDL section

After that we need to change the region. So in Hidden Green Menu go to the: System > Internal

MMI 3G Region change
Hidden Green Menu > MMI 3G Region change

and select there EU

Then go to the: Nav -> databaseupdate And Change your “Active HDD Nav DB” to the region/country of your choice in our case: EU.

MMI 3G Region change
Hidden Green Menu > MMI 3G Region change

List of regions:

  1. Unknown
  2. Default
  3. EU
  4. North America
  5. South America
  6. AGCC
  7. Korea
  8. Japan
  9. China
  10. Asia Pacific
  11. South Africa
  12. Australia (New Zealand)
  13. India
  14. Taiwan (ROC)
  15. AGCC_2 (arabic)
  16. Turkey
  17. Chile
  18. no navi db

After that, you can perform with maps update using our tutorial, click here to get there.

and that’s all 🙂

We are working on similar solution for other MMIs, so stay tuned! 🙂

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