What is Android Auto? A complete guide

We live in a world where more and more devices are becoming fully compatible with our smartphones. This is a great convenience that gives us quick access to many great features that make our lives easier. An example of such an application can be Android Auto. How does it work and what makes it so special?

Android Auto – background information

This is a software that was officially introduced in 2015, however the information about Google’s plans to create such a tool first appeared back in 2013. The company’s idea was to allow users to enjoy selected functionalities in their cars.

Navigation – depending on what kind of car the user has – was to be provided via either a touchscreen or buttons on the steering wheel. Over time, it was also possible to add another navigation model: voice communication, with the Google Assistant in charge.

Just because we can pair a car and a smartphone together, does not mean that we can manage the vehicle using our phone. Even if it is possible, it is on a small scale, which is mainly caused by security reasons.

What are the main features of Android Auto?

The key functionality, which is extremely appreciated by many drivers, is of course full support for Google Maps. We can enter the name of the place we want to go into our hands-free kit in the vehicle (or into the smartphone) and after a while we just have to approve the route that has been selected.

This is a huge convenience that quickly convinced many drivers from all over the world to Android Auto. Another advantage is the possibility of synchronization of music. It is worth emphasizing that it is necessary for the application of your choice – for example Spotify – to be compatible with Android Auto. Fortunately, every year more and more applications are compatible with this standard.

If your car has a built-in multimedia screen, nothing stands in the way of streaming your favorite movies or TV series available in Android Auto compatible applications. This is a great way to make a long trip more enjoyable for kids.

There is also nothing stopping you from making and receiving phone calls quickly with this application. What’s more, you can even quickly load your contact list, making it much easier to choose the person you want to call at any given moment.

Can I use Android Auto?

Since 2015, more and more brands have become enthusiastic about the tool created by Google. This includes, of course, Audi. The vast majority of the company’s new vehicles fully support the standard. In some vehicles, you may need to use wired connectivity to pair your smartphone with it. 

As of today, Android Auto is already available in over 40 countries around the world. Google promises a rapid expansion to more markets. This means that whether you travel in North America or Europe, you will be able to enjoy the features of this solution.
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